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08 Jul

Pubg Pan 3D Model in Maya 2018 – Full Step Tutorial | Low-High Poly, Normal Baked, PBR Texture in Substance Painter.

Pubg Pan 3D Model in Maya 2018 - Full Step Tutorial

Low Poly PBR Model Step.

1.Proxy – Box of size of our asset we are going to make for proportion’s

2.Block – Shape of our object how look our object.Block fix in proxy block is rough shape for our reference use.

3.Mid Poly – Mid for mesh flow. Give divisions and do equal poly density.

4.High Poly – By mind file we duplicate mid file and give more details. In high we give shine to object.

5.Low Poly – In low we reduce edges and delete faces that didn’t see in game .

6.UV unwrap & Layout Unwrap UV map for bake and texture. We put a 2K or 4K map for make poly density equal on all parts of our mesh or object.

7.Baked – In bake we put high poly mesh detail on our low poly mesh.

8.Texture – In Texture we create PBR maps. Base-Color Map, Metallic Map, Normal Map, Roughness Map, Height Map.

Important file.

Script File –  Download

Layout Setting –

Normal – Transfer map setting

Low poly model Process PDF

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